Zack "Gross Enabler" Parsons is my hero


I agree with him, even on the parts that touch me. I love Anime, but I won’t watch anything that comes out of Japan, and I certainly wouldn’t expect to be considered ‘cool’ or ‘boss’ in their country.

Also, I hate their culture as it pertains to everything but entertainment and also adult entertainment.

Oh hay.

That also.

Fuck you, uh, Niger Innis!


So you hate Anime?

I think he means he won’t watch everything (or just anything) that comes out of Japan.


Hey didn’t you originally say Totoro was a catbus you fool?


i don’t know

it’s a freaking bus made out of a cat

i don’t know

I hate Japan and buses.

is that so

Do not deny it. ChemBot had to tell you what for. Galdurnit.

wait which one of us are you talking to



in that case i forgot what for and also i forgot receiving whats fors

but you’re missing the point here: the cat is a bus, i mean what the

who is romsus

are you serious

i am deadly serious
blivvy on the other hand is just joking. he knows romsus is what he calls his inflatable doll

oh, <img src=“”>