Hey. I’ve not been around after I lost my left arm in a freak skateboard/bus acident.

I know have a stump belkow the elbow. It’s kinds fun for freaking little kids out and stuff. Unfortulantly I can’t type as well as I could.

I’ll be getting a prosphetic arm soon, I’ll post pictures soon too,


… whoa…

seriously? me and my friends always talked about how it would be cool to get an arm that could rotate 360 degrees at the wrist…

Consider it Rav! :slight_smile:

You should do like Ash and get a chainsaw for your hand.

I’m still trying to judge whether or not he’s actually serious.

It’s just as funny either way…

Yeah, I cant tell if hes telling the truth or not. But its ravy also :stuck_out_tongue:

Where be ye?

Erm you are kidding right Rav?:confused:

So where are them pictures Rav? Did you suddenly remember that you need two hands to operate the camera, or maybe you lost the other arm as well? I sure hope it wasn’t your “favorite” hand that you lost…

Hangela :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m waving my stump around.

Enjoy you bastards,

Oh, and I’m right handed, I lost my left hand. So I can still whack off fairly well.

I call shenanigans on this.

Unless you prove me wrong with categorical proof of your horrible injury…SHENANIGANS!!

That looks like some sort of pillow or tube sock or an unholy combination of both.

It is a very sexy stump.

where’s the chainsaw?

Can we Change your Nick to “Stumpy” instead?:confused:

Wow that was hilarious… seconds Chembots appeal

or at least a 360 rotating wrist… c’mon now.

hehe “stump.gif”: download count 24

Stump! Before you break my heart!

…ha ha…:ghost: