You know what I like about these forums?

Well, nothing…

But the reason I keep coming back is that you guys don’t take yourselves too seriously. This has always been the best place to come, say something nonsensical or horribly offensive, and get away with it ON THE INTERNET.


“I just plain don’t like black people.” --Wicks.

I can also follow up any post I want with a bunch of gobbledegook about why Dutch people suck, and: bam. Hilarity.

So yeah, these forums are neat. You guys are neat.

Fuck you all.

If it ain’t much, it’s Dutch.

The hell is the “internet”?

That cow is looking at me funny.

I’m safe in assuming most of us are goons, right?

Then I like to think of this place as a sort of mini-SA. Minus the assholes. And the Lowtax.

No flamethrowers either.


That wacky Wicks, what won’t he say!


These forums have the perfect colors to nuture my miserable gothic brooding. THIS IS WHY I RETURN.

Yes except that many people actually want to join that forum and only in the hopes of meeting hightax (LOL), whereas most of us came her because someone we know posts here. Except the recent forumers who are mad with delirium and post because they like talyon.

Wait wait what’s a Taylon? Wasn’t this forum about scoring mad hot PS roms?

You should ask Roms Я Us about that they call him that because he has all the roms and he can hook you up man.

WOAH thanks man yo are da bomb LOLLOI

but wats a Taylno

Goonery goons goon of goonerific goonisms goonily gooning gooned.

I’m pretty sure Roms is dead.

I haven’t talked to him in a week, at least.

So yeah…dead.

oh, and this is Trotsky, not this one that is saying these things. CRUD.

Wait, wait, wait, so… I’ve been masturbatingly furiously to TROTSKY, and not SERAPH?


It helps when you are not out of town on days when you should be playing Warhammer 40k because that is when I become not-dead.

Wow, what army do you play Romsus?

You should try out blood bowl if you haven’t done so already, its basicly a quirky American football game with orcs, elves, dwarfs and nearly of the other warhammer races.

Unlike most of Gamesworkshops mainstream games it’s played on a board (Which represents the field) it’s got lots of action (And beat up elves) also the rules aren’t too hard to get used to and games don’t take that long (Roughly between 30 minutes to an hour or so).

Players gain skills (Which are like “Hail Mary Pass”, “Dodge”, “Sprint” but you can also get one’s like “Two heads” and “+ movement/strenth/whatever”, sometimes but those are rarer) they also get permanent injurys and age(Where they might get say -1 Agilty) so games are pretty varied, but best of all you don’t have to spend much on it and its fun. [size=1]
You can also play it for free on[/size] [size=1]with its java client, leagues and gamefinder things.[/size]

don’t you mean Warhammer (which requires) 40k (dollars to play)?

Well blood bowl just requires you to buy a team which costs £15 (Last Time I got one so it might £20 now), but you might need to get the box set which has all the stuff which costs £50 and has two teams (Humans and Orcs).


I guess you would also have to buy glue to glue it together and paint to paint it too.