You gentlemen ruined my life

I hope you are happy. Despite having a ruined life I am also happy, and have a very large penis.
Do not think my large penis was a result of you ruining my life. It was in fact a direct result of my life being ruined, therefore I spent a lot of time clicking penis enlargement emails. I wasted my life saving for my large penis, however after all the surgeries, it does not work. I have permanently placed a “Out of Order - Consult Owner” sign on it. It is useless and I am about to be evicted and become a vagrant.
Now that I am a very well endowed vagrant I shall travel around the world with a circus. It is now my dream in life to marry the twin acrobatic midgets that I have been maintaining a E-Relationship with. I also plan to have an affair with the bearded fat lady.
Thank you for ruining my life, as it has allowed me to pursue my true passions in life.
PS: You fucking cocks.

Not a problem good sir, keep that rage burning!

the staff is not responsible for you, we do not babysit adults, even with their freakishly large penises… wait…

k :cool:

So, you’re good smee, you’re good…

k :cool: