You don't see this on the news everyday

have fun kids.

Everybody will want to go to boot camp.

Perhaps world wars will be played via CS

i like the last bit best though, reminds me of South Park somehow…

Just heard about this on tv. I can see how this makes sense. World wars would be better sorted out in PlanetSide if you ask me.

In a related story, couldnt PSX claim copyright infringement? Didnt he have the name first?

I also like how it mentions to parents that gaming isn’t all just mindless button pressing.

From the rediculous article
The video game “Rise of Honor” mixes special-effects fighting and noir cinematography.


[size=1](Yeah right.)[/size]

hey man this is the only stuff I’ve seen in a while having to do with vid games which isn’t tlaking about violence and/or Columbine…

They censor sexual content, but not violence. I remember when violence in games pissed parents off, royally.
Think back to 10 years ago or so, when DOOM came out and when that AWFUL Sega CD game called Night Trap came out. :stuck_out_tongue:
Parents: NO! I dont want my children to see sex in a game and become aroused! :stuck_out_tongue:
Hmm… Phantasmagoria… nuff said there.

hmmm I think the only guys that get aroused from it would be Tifa fanboys…