Yo ho ho and a bottle of, ye contemporaries


Also some interesting reading material.

These days they probably prefer a Budweiser to rum.

… I was not aware of that Squall, thank you .

[font=arial][size=-1] Some Western intelligence agencies and maritime security experts have linked al Qaeda, or militant groups associated with it, to Indonesian piracy. Experts say al Qaeda showed its seaborne attack capability by bombing the Limburg oil tanker off Yemen in 2002 and U.S. warship USS Cole (news - [url=“http://us.rd.yahoo.com/DailyNews/manual/*http://search.yahoo.com/bin/search?cs=nw&p=USS%20Cole”]web sites) in 2000.[/size][/font]

al queda? were the pirates of old also al queda terrorists?

pirates are not religiously motivated, and therefore, aren’t part of the radical al queda stuff, well i think so anyways.

Why not? Pirates can be political oportunists; why not also religious oportunists? In days of yore Britain paid buccaneers to sink or rob Spanish ships: how different is it, then, if Islamic extremists pay pirates to sink or commandeer western ships?

“western” is a group of governments, not a religion.


i don’t know…

Cargo ships are going to have to start quiping themselves with machine gun turrets and rocket launchers. Not that it’ll help the scallywags against me pirate brothers, but it’ll do the trick for those wussy militia groups.

How are militia groups any different than your brotherhood?

Real pirates are tough mofos and have canons while militia groups only have little pop guns and RPGs, plus they’re a bunch of lilly-livered scallywags and have about as much a backbone as a barnacle.

But the whole point of piracy is to seize what others have, is it not? Read one of those books and you’ll find that many among them aren’t afraid to attack naval destroyers or anything else, except perhaps aircraft carriers, if having a suitable plan on hand.

Wha? I’m just saying pirates are tough while militia groups are weak. That’s all.

Walks in singing Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.

And I’m saying militia groups can be pirates.

sorta like greenpeace and their boat, but instead of stealing they just ram into us navy ships.

I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night

did you enjoy that movie? i think it portrayed pirates in a positive manner

I did enjoy it. I think that it made clear that there were good and bad pirates which is kind of silly because pirates are just bad in general and if they weren’t bad then they can’t really be considered a pirate now can they? Hmm…that’s something to ponder. :stuck_out_tongue: