Yet another typical Alpha (AXP) craze on eBay!

The reason I’m posting this outside of the Marketplace is because it’s not really an ‘II’ (item of interest) that I’m willing to share, but rather a phenomenon I’ve noticed.

Look at this, since the last hour a bunch of bids (totaling 11, at the moment) simply rained in! For what you may wonder? An above-average, 466 MHz (thus not even the 600 MHz) Compaq AlphaServer DS10 system in Germany:

Compaq Alphaserver DS10:[LIST][]466MHz 21264 Alpha
[]32GB Festplatte (SCSI)
]2 * 100MBit Ethernet onboard
[]additional Gigabit Ethernet
]Elsa Gloria Synergy graphics

the system runs Tru64 UNIX 5.1B. there is no root password set.


CPU 0 booting                                                                   


Resetting I/O buses...                                                          

(boot dka0. -flags A)                                                   

block 0 of dka0. is a valid boot block                                  

reading 19 blocks from dka0.                                            

bootstrap code read in                                                          

base = 200000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 2600(9728)                        

initializing HWRPB at 2000                                                      

initializing page table at 3ff2a000                                             

initializing machine state                                                      

setting affinity to the primary CPU                                             

jumping to bootstrap code                                                       


UNIX boot - Friday August 20, 2010                                              


Loading vmunix ...                                                              

Loading at 0xffffffff00000000                                                   



text =  7103680                                                                 

data =  1356000                                                                 

bss  =  1910560                                                                 

Starting at 0xffffffff00012f50                                                  


Loading vmunix symbol table ... [1700704 bytes]                                 

bcm: DEGXA driver V1.0.30 NUMA lanlog                                           

Memory trolling not supported, cpu Major id 8, Minor id 4                       

Alpha boot: available memory from 0x2c16000 to 0x3ff28000                       

HP Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Mon Nov  7 11:09:49 MET 2011                   

physical memory = 1024.00 megabytes.                                            

available memory = 979.06 megabytes.                                            

using 3868 buffers containing 30.21 megabytes of memory                         

Firmware revision: 7.3-1                                                        

PALcode: UNIX version 1.92-73                                                   

AlphaServer DS10 466 MHz                                                        

pci0 (primary bus:0) at nexus                                                   

isa0 at pci0                                                                    

gpc0 at isa0                                                                    

gpc1 not probed                                                                 

Baud 0 is unsupported; setting console port to 9600 baud                        

ace0 at isa0                                                                    

ace1 at isa0                                                                    

lp0 at isa0                                                                     

fdi0 at isa0                                                                    

fd0 at fdi0 unit 0                                                              

tu0: DECchip 21143: Revision: 4.1                                               

tu0: auto negotiation capable device                                            

tu0 at pci0 slot 9                                                              

tu0: DEC TULIP (10/100) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 08-00-2B-86-69-47 

tu0: auto negotiation off: selecting 10BaseT (UTP) port: half duplex            

tu1: DECchip 21143: Revision: 4.1                                               

tu1: auto negotiation capable device                                            

tu1 at pci0 slot 11                                                             

tu1: DEC TULIP (10/100) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 08-00-2B-86-69-5E 

tu1: auto negotiation off: selecting 10BaseT (UTP) port: half duplex            

ata0 at pci0 slot 13                                                            

ata0: ACER M1543C                                                               

scsi0 at ata0 slot 0 rad 0                                                      

scsi1 at ata0 slot 1 rad 0                                                      

isp0 at pci0 slot 14                                                            

isp0: QLOGIC ISP1040B/V2                                                        

isp0: Firmware revision 5.57 (loaded by console)                                

isp0: Fast RAM timing enabled.                                                  

scsi2 at isp0 slot 0 rad 0                                                      

comet0:  Card type 'Elsa GLoria' with 8MB framebuffer memory.                   

comet0 at pci0 slot 15                                                          

pza0 at pci0 slot 16                                                            

scsi4 at pza0 slot 0 rad 0                                                      

pza0 firmware version: DEC  R01 A11                                             

bcm0: Link down                                                                 

bcm0 at pci0 slot 17                                                            

bcm0: DEGXA-TB Gigabit Ethernet, hardware address: 00-15-60-8A-59-D6            

bcm0: Driver Rev = 1.0.30, Chip Rev = BCM5703_C0, Phy = Broadcom BCM5703 Integra

ted Copper                                                                      


Created FRU table binary error log packet                                       

kernel console: ace0                                                            

i2c: Server Management Hardware Present                                         

bcm0: Link up via auto-negotiation (1000 Mbps, full duplex, tx=1 rx=1 flow contr


dli: configured                                                                 

NetRAIN configured.                                                             

Random number generator configured.                                             

ATM Subsystem configured with 1 restart threads                                 

ATMUNI: configured                                                              

ATMSIG: 3.x (module=uni3x) configured                                           

ILMI: 3.x (module=ilmi) configured                                              

ATM IP: configured                                                              

ATM LANE: configured.                                                           

ATM IFMP: configured                                                            

vm_swap_init: swap is set to eager allocation mode                              

Checking device naming:                                                         


Checking local filesystems                                                      

Mounting / (root)                                                               

user_cfg_pt: reconfigured                                                       

root_mounted_rw: reconfigured                                                   

user_cfg_pt: reconfigured                                                       

root_mounted_rw: reconfigured                                                   

user_cfg_pt: reconfigured                                                       

dsfmgr: NOTE: updating kernel basenames for system at /                         

    scp kevm tty00 tty01 lp0 random urandom dmapi dsk0 floppy0 cdrom0           

Mounting local filesystems                                                      

exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x14000 root_domain#root /                           

root_domain#root on / type advfs (rw)                                           

/proc on /proc type procfs (rw)                                                 

exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x4000 usr_domain#usr /usr                           

usr_domain#usr on /usr type advfs (rw)                                          

exec: /sbin/mount_advfs -F 0x4000 usr_domain#var /var                           

usr_domain#var on /var type advfs (rw)                                          

Nov  7 11:12:15 esmd: Essential Services Monitor daemon started                 

Subsystem hwautoconfig was successfully configured.                             

Nov  7 11:12:16 update: started                                                 


Checking for Installation Tasks...                                              

        The following STREAMS devices were created:                             

                          Name      Major      Minor                            

                          ----      -----      -----                            

        /dev/streams/xtiso/udp         32         59                            

        /dev/streams/xtiso/tcp         32         60                            

       /dev/streams/xtiso/udp+         32         61                            

       /dev/streams/xtiso/tcp+         32         62                            

       /dev/streams/xtiso/udp5         32         63                            

       /dev/streams/xtiso/tcp5         32         64                            

                     /dev/ptmx         32         65                            

              /dev/streams/dlb         32         66                            


Executing Installation Tasks...                                                 

The system is coming up. Please wait...                                         

Checking for crash dumps                                                        

Initializing paging space                                                       

Mounting Memory filesystems                                                     

evmstart: Daemon started                                                        

Nov  7 11:12:19 esmd: Started monitoring the EVM daemon                         

security configuration set to default (BASE).                                   

File /etc/sia/matrix.conf updated successfully.                                 

Successful SIA initialization                                                   


/usr/sbin/autopush: Can't push requested modules on STREAM for entry 36         

/usr/sbin/autopush: Device (6,-1) already configured                            

Streams autopushes configured                                                   

Initializing random number driver                                               

CSSM_ModuleLoad: CSSM error 4107                                                

Configuring network                                                             

hostname: ds10                                                                  

DHCP: requesting IP address information for network device bcm0                 

DHCP started on bcm0                                                            

DHCP configuring bcm0                                                           

         subnet mask     :                                       

         IP address      :                                       

         broadcast address:                                      

DHCP: error: no hostname assigned!                                              

Loading LMF licenses                                                            

System error logger started                                                     

Binary error logger started                                                     

binlogd: failed to initialize remote logging. Please make sure the              

network is set up properly and then restart binlogd.                            

Setting kernel timezone variable                                                

ONC portmap service started                                                     

NFS IO service started                                                          

Mounting NFS filesystems                                                        

Preserving editor files                                                         

Clearing temporary files                                                        

Unlocking ptys                                                                  

Secure Shell daemon (sshd2) started.                                            

SMTP Mail Service started.                                                      

Environmental Monitoring Subsystem Configured.                                  

Using snmp service entry port 161.                                              

Can't get a local IP address.                                                   

Extensible SNMP master agent started                                            

Base O/S subagent started                                                       

Server System subagent started                                                  

Server Management subagent started                                              

CIM SNMP subagent started                                                       

Performance Management subagent started                                         

Web Based Management Agent started                                              

ConfigReport Management Module started                                          

Sysman Management Module started                                                

Threshold Management Subagent started                                           

Intelligent Drive Array Subagent started                                        

The SNMP trap to Event Manager interface is disabled.                           

Environmental Monitoring Daemon started.                                        

GS Platform View and Discovery V1.3 for Insight Manager is only supported on Alp

ha GS series platforms.                                                         

AdvFS daemon (advfsd) started.                                                  

Internet services provided.                                                     

Cron service started                                                            

SuperLAT. Copyright 1994 Meridian Technology Corp. All rights reserved.         

LAT started.                                                                    

Printer service started                                                         

SysMan Station server (smsd) started                                            

The system is ready.                                                            




HP Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650) (ds10) console                                  


login: root                                                                     

Last login: Mon Nov  7 09:28:47 MET 2011 on console                             

HP Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Mon Nov  7 11:09:49 MET 2011                   

HP Tru64 UNIX P5.1B (Rev. 2003); Wed Mar 11 03:53:14 EDT 2009                   

HP Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Mon Nov  7 08:27:00 MET 2011                   

Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B (Rev. 2650); Mon Nov  7 07:09:20 MET 2011               


The installation software has successfully installed your system.               


There are logfiles that contain a record of your installation.  These are:      


        /var/adm/smlogs/install.cdf     - configuration description file        

        /var/adm/smlogs/install.log     - general log file                      

        /var/adm/smlogs/install.FS.log  - file system creation logs             

        /var/adm/smlogs/setld.log       - log for the setld(8) utility          

        /var/adm/smlogs/fverify.log     - verification log file                 



# df -h                                                                         

Filesystem              Size        Used   Available Capacity  Mounted on       

root_domain#root        384M        121M        257M    33%    /                

/proc                      0           0           0   100%    /proc            

usr_domain#usr         2100M       1061M        636M    63%    /usr             

usr_domain#var         2100M        383M        636M    38%    /var             

# uname -a                                                                      

OSF1 ds10 V5.1 2650 alpha                                                       

# psrinfo -v                                                                    

Status of processor 0 as of: 11/07/11 11:32:13                                  

  Processor has been on-line since 11/07/2011 11:12:13                          

  The alpha EV6 (21264) processor operates at 463 MHz,                          

  has a cache size of 2097152 bytes,                                            

  and has an alpha internal floating point processor.


No information on licenses, whatsoever. The latest version of Tru64 UNIX (little remark, I had no idea that Tru64 had the [FONT=“Courier New”]psrinfo[/FONT] command, like Solaris), though, but no indication that the media are included. All in all, not a bad system, I guess, but… It’s amazing that people think it’s worth [COLOR=“Red”]€ [SIZE=“3”]202[/COLOR][/SIZE], which is roughly COLOR=“Red” $ ~[SIZE=“3”]275[/SIZE][/COLOR]!

This is hardly the first time I saw an Alpha system go for that much on eBay either! I wonder how high the final bid will be, because there’s still an hour left to go.

I was promised a DS10, of unknown specifications, via the local VMS SIG here. However, the person that promised me one hasn’t gotten around to actually ‘delivering’ it, yet (which originally was supposed to happen in June). His asking price was € 10, so perhaps you understand why I won’t complain!

Update: The auction ended and it didn’t get much crazier, it ended at the above mentioned bid. I hope the new owner is happy with the system and wish him lots of luck (and fun) with it, whoever it may be. I hope he’ll also consider VMS, besides Tru64 UNIX.

I can certainly understand the craze, I recently got my hands on two DS10s. They’re damn fine systems, that’s for sure.

More information (and imagery) will follow soon…