Happy talk like a pirate day, ya landlubbers. Ya’ll be walkin’ the plank of me Crab Ridden Whore, and shall be aheadin’ to Davy Jones Locker! Yar!

Me hat of piraticalness be at ye ready fer when ye clock be rollin’ over for us 'ere in ye midwest. Piracy 'pon the Great Lakes! Ahar.

Hat -> on. Piracy commences, me hearties.

Not none o’ ye landlubbers be writin’ me off this 'ere great day.

Avast! Tis a fine day fer the loverly speak of the salted sea dog!


I be havin’ composed many fine haikus on ye subject o’ buccaneering.
I’ll be showin’ 'em to ye momentarily.

Avast, I be usin’ a G5! ‘Tis a fine day, to be sure.
I be havin’ sad news fer ye Detritus. I’ll be settin’ sail fer Maine this day, and there won’t be no shadowrunnin’ or anythin’ o’ that ilk.
Haikus o’ seaworthiness:

Wie spreche ich denn?
Ich spreche wie ein Seemann,
Wie ein Seeräuber.

Yar, it be land ho.
‘Tis a fine day fer plund’rin’
'Pon these 'ere high seas.

Avast, 'tis a whale.
Man the harpoon gun, first mate.
It be lard ahoy.

Wenches 'pon ye ship?
'Tis unheard of, 'pon the seas.
We likes ye man love.

And the other one I beed postin’ up in ye General Discussion. 'Tis a treasure hunt! Go and find it, me mates. Yar!


Them be fine haikus, matey!

I thank ye, matey.

Ninjas, avast ye!
Ye landlubbers be no match
Fer ye pirates. Arr!

<a href=“http://www.romshand.com/taylon” target=_blank>Aye…what</a>

Arr, 'tis a fine strip.

Arr! The Men Are Pleased This Fine Day!

Yarr… Speaking piraty speak be mighty difficult when yar as sick as a sea dog and delerious as a scurvy dog. I were like that today, so me maties jumped ship and spoke tha queen’s English, they did! If I had tha stength to raise me cutlass, they would be gutted fishes by now, but yarr… Tha yellow fever (a cold) and much grog (Nyquil) be playing tricks on me tired eyes…