Xbox softmod

I just softmoded one of my xbox, its awsume, you get 99% of the features of a mod chiped xbox with out having to open the case! Thank god for microsoft and their software flaws!

Didn’t they fix that in an update?

So they thought, I patched an older version of dashboard (kinda like the os of the xbox, kinda) and a brand new copy that I got off xbox live. Both work flawlesly

i wonder if i can install linux on an xbox and use it as a router…

Could you give me more details about “Softmodding” an X-Box, my brother wants to get his x-box chipped for the reasons of playing pirated games and so he could use those emulators and stuff like that, so softmodding might be easier than having to search down a modchip and have someone install it.

Is it an easy thing to do? I have no idea what you would have to do so any detailed information or links would be very helpful.

you do mean instead of pirated games, legal backups of games :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m sure thats what my brother ment when he said pirated games, he says the wackiest of things! :slight_smile:

Sorry isps been acting up, damn cable company and their crapy service… Anyway to softmod an xbox, you need a copy of Mech assult, 007: Agent under fire, or Splinter Cell. (All must be orginal copys, and not platinum versions.) Then find a copy of the hack install, best place to learn this stuff (and I sugest you learn everything about it befor doing it, otherwise you could turn your xbox into a preaty doorstop.) is .

Awesome thanks. for a chip and solderless adapter. for the screwdrivers needed to open your xbox.

I haven’t personally bought anything from the bald bouncer (yet), but I know people who have and he’s ment to be good (as well as an offical xectuer reseller).

The chip can also be turned off for fun xbox live fun.

Why hardware mod it? you can software mod it for free =p get 99% of the same features.

Just read up on the 2hd mod for xbox (they use 10gb hd which cost like 20$) and then just do that to make xbox live usable xbox with the ability to play backups and save shit on other hd… its cheaper then mod chip… lot easyer to install to!

I’m not too bothered about xbox live stuff since my brother doesnt have nor want access to the internet (Don’t ask me why, everytime he visits he gets me to download music for him and print things off from gamefaq’s).

Anyway thanks for the links Crazy-Fool and Midri, I’ll have to ask him what he would prefer to do.

I ordered a chip last Wednesday, it arrived on Thursday.

All hail my (sister’s) chipped Xbox!

I’m chipping my housemate’s Xbox when his chip arrives (hopefully tommorow). He’s already turned a gamepad into a USB hub and we’re ready to install linux.


hehe linux on xbox is rather interesting… unless you have an HDTV the text is some times REALLY hard to read.

And the resolution is really shitty too.