WTB: DEC Video Terminal

Does anyone have a VT05, VT50, VT100, VT200-series (e.g. VT220, VT240), VT320 or something else from around that era, in working condition? (Maybe with base, cables and LK-type keyboard included as well, that would certainly be nice).

In W. Europe would be most practical for me, but depending on the shipping costs I might consider international shipping as well.

Not a lecture, but what i seen myself: tubes are fragile, and much of sellers decline messing with international or even in-country mail shippings.

I know… It’s not high on my list, but an original smooth-scrolling DEC Video Terminal would be great to have! Or else I could convert my Multia into one, with the LK463 connected to it. (Except, it wouldn’t have a nice CRT monitor.)

You probably remember, but smooth-scrolling can be disabled in options of terminal.

I know, but, why would I want to do that? I then might as well use any terminal emulator. (Especially as I’d like it, so one could glimpse longer listings.)

You want terminal just because of this feature? I’m more about it’s uniqueness and retro feelings.

No, not just, but it’d definitely be one of the unique reasons (i.e. things that aren’t done properly by terminal most emulators). And yes, your one is very nice.