WorldWar Script Completed

The movie will be produced sometime in the near future. Here’s the script, which is clearly genious:


Lui Han -“hello, my name is liu han–OH NOS A DRAGONFLY PLANE AAAGH I HAVE DIED” (Killercraft drops a bomb lui han explodes)

[Scene cuts to a house]


[Scene cuts to a spaceship]

Atvar – “We will crush those foolish Big Uglies.”

Kirel – “Exalted Fleetlord, It shall be done.”

[Scene cuts to Stock footage of piles of human corpses with members of the race edited to be standing on top, other footage of human tanks exploding at the hands of killercraft and landcruisers and such.]

[Scene cuts to present day San Diego, CA, Qualcomm Stadium. Dave Poma is wearing a throwback LT jersey, Ristin is wearing a throwback Eli manning chargers jersey. Ladainian Tomlinson scores a td on a sick 60 run.]


Dave Poma – “Huge!!!”

Dave Poma – “You know Ristin, this is going to be the Chargers’ year.”

Ristin – “Truth. Although they will have to watch out for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fred Taylor.” (mouth hangs open)

Dave Poma – “Hahahaha, You may be right, but I’m fairly sure he’s out for the year with a hangnail.”

[Dave Poma shown laughing and Ristin shown with mouth open]


I’d buy that for a dollar!

But seriously, only one dollar.

Can I make an appearance in this movie, since the last part takes place in my home town? Possibly hitting somone or blowing something up, like Qualcomm stadium and/or the Chargers?

Gil, you blundrer, you have put the best scene first. Now there is no reason to watch the rest of the movie.

I suggest adding hot hot scenes with Nessref to keep people’s interest.

oh god i’m a furry now
you’re gonna have to help me out here by sending ussmak to put a shell through my face

All very good suggestions. I’ll have to work them in.