[Worldwar] Newz you can uze


608 pages of crap, is more like it.

But I guess I know what’ll be on the top of my Christmas reading list. Hoorah hoorah…

Countdown to Gil exploding with glee in 3…2…1…



also slashdot sucks

I like how on his official site it’s listed as coming out in 2005.

And 26.95 for a book is highway robbery. I hate that man.

You can preorder it for $18.00 somewhere.

I forget where.

Not that I’ll be purchasing it.

I’ll be stealing it.

And burning down the bookstore.

Neither of these actions are related to the fact that I want to read the book.

I’ll be reading it.

Then mailing the shreds back to Harry Turtledove. Where he will choke on them. Because I will be feeding the shreds to him and calling him stupid and hitting him in the face and eyes.

I’m sure he will enjoy that.

I know I’d enjoy you choking me :wink:

Pixxx Plz


Hay guys its got cover art now ok


hay guys it looks like shit ok

I can see victory in his visor. He will be dinner. Victory dinner.



As one can see from the cover art, the race has set up an ambush for the foolish invading humans. The race will proceed to eat the invading humans, and then heckle the bones and fatty parts of the corpses.


Why is that man in a spacesuit anyway?

Don’t the Lizards breathe Oxygen?

Don’t be… gah! The Race breathes in souls and exhales acid! You cannot escape!

The race feeds on adrenalin glands. And pees monuments.

Here’s a review of Homeward Bound:


It looks like more disappointment is in store for us. From the review its not really clear if the humans actually invade Home or not. It sounds more like they just remain in orbit and make threats using Yeager as some sort of diplomat.

I suppose we will see.

If there are less viewpoint characters, there will have to be less sex scenes, right?

We can always hope.

No no, same amount of sex scenes…only these ones involve cryonic sex.