World War III. Aaaaaaand... GO!

If I started building a bomb shelter now, would it be ready in time?


I’ve looked around, and I see no indication that Pakistan has anything with the range to reach us. I looked both under the sink and in the closet. So unless you live in Israel, you’re golden. If you live in Israel, you already have a shelter. Either way, building one seems silly.

Only if you’re willing to upgrade from an outdated model to the new ZX-255. I know the old 250 models are tempting, mainly because of the MacKellar dual thrust air filters, but you’ve really got to think about the sturdiness of the shelter as a whole. And for sturdiness, you can’t beat a Johnston Aluminum Graphite Hybrid Wall Supporting Unit (which, as we all know, comes standard with the ZX-255).

I personally will be using the “Duck and Cover” technique to save me from any impact!

The problem is that any nuclear blast, aimed at the US or not, could set off a chain-reaction of missile firings and/or <a href=“Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - IMDb”>doomsday devices</a>. It’d go like this:

  1. Isreal invades pretty much everyone in the area because someone looked at an Isreali solder funny
  2. Iran (with the help of North Korea) sets off a nuke in Isreal.
  3. Isreal nukes the crap out of Iran and anyone that may have been involved (like North Korea)
  4. North Korea retaliates and nukes the crap out of Isreal, and maybe Japan and South Korea while they’re at it
  5. The US nukes North Korea and Iran for attacking US allies.
  6. Russia and China get involved and start pointing their missiles at everyone else.

At that point, if any country tries anything fishy (Pakistan and India nuke eachother?), we’re all boned.

You’ll notice it gets all the way to step six before we have to care.

I thought Russia were on friendly(ish) terms with the US or at least not in any position to start nuking countries as a result of US getting involved?

Also even if North Korea/Iran did nuke israel I’m not sure the US would respond by firing nukes since Korea/Iran don’t have anything that can reach the US so they could just use some other weapons which wouldn’t cause so much political backlash.

I’m no expert about this but apart from North Korea and Iran I don’t think anyone wants to go gungho with nukes.

Not with the ZX-255, we’re not!!

No one is saying this is likely to happen… or is even a remote chance. However, Fox news is reporting World War III, so it has to happen somehow right?

Even though Iran/N. Korea don’t have ICBMs to use against mainland US, there are plenty of US military bases in the area that could be directly targeted or affected by nukes flying around. If not a nuclear strike, there would be a major conventional battering of said countries should anything go down.

Some people have found a <a href=“”>silver lining</a> to all this.

God bless the crazy christian fanatics!

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