World of Warcraft!

World of warcraft comes out tomorrow!

Basterds at EB wouldent let me pick up my copy today when they close… Ass holes… servers come up at 12 tonight…

Anyway, beta was great! I encourage you all to play!

How much does it cost a month and to own? I’ve yet to find such information (i haven’t been looking all that hard).

I played the beta during one of their stress tests as an orc warrior. I was bored to tears inside a half-hour. I really hope they fixed the lack of fun in that particular class since then…

I got this game a couple week back and it’s been fun so far, I’ve been playing as a Tauren hunter and the quests are pretty varied unlike some other MMORPGS I’ve played (So far the best has probally been the quest where the wise man of the village gives you some concoction to drink so you have visions appear and then you have to chase a spirit wolf or something around and then up a big hill where it takes you to talk to this hermit).

PVP is good too, although the only experience I’ve had of that so far is pesky elves who keep sneaking up and attacking my starting town (Where they are rushed by big mobs of newbies).