Winter Solsticemas Presents!

So what kind of presents did everyone get for christmas, kwanzaa, chanukah, festivis, decemberween, and/or winter solstice? Here’s my loot:

car stereo
nerdy t-shirts (decepticon logo and <a href=“”>this</a>)
12 pack of Widmer Brothers Heffeweizen

What about you guys?

Black shirt, deodorant, tooth brush (A giant electric one that takes like a bazillion batteries) , two boxes of chocolates, subscription to the edge magazine and £240!

I gots: Shoes, Jacket, Another Jacket, and a $50 shell gas card.

Anyone else want to chime in? Or are you too drunk/lazy/dead? Such excuses will not be tolerated!

I got a rock.

And Final Fantasy 4, a new GBA SP, Resident Evil Zero, a bunch of food, and a ton of cash.

I got 47 Xbox 360s so you can all go eat an Xbox!!!

I received some foam.

Those are some quality gifts!

My girlfriend gave me a painting she did. And I stole a $25 best buy gift card from my neice. Well actually my mom did and gave it to me, so I’m in the clear.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

I blame MTV.