Windows XP Install Hangup

I’m trying to install windows xp Media Center Edition (and the regular ole’ professional) on another computer as a fresh install. It gets through the formatting and the copying to the hard drive the files it needs to install, but after it reboots to continue the installation i see the usual XP loading screen, a blue looking one comes up with: “Setup is being restarted” then the screen goes blank and the computer locks up (numlock on the keyboard doesn’t change)

specs for the system:
AMD Athlon 950mhz
ECS K7ama motherboard
256mb PC133 Ram
ATI Rage Fury Pro (Rage 128 graphics card) AGP w/Video In/ Video Out
Hauppauge WinTV Card

a bios update did the trick.

There’s your problem. ECS motherboard are crap. The stinky brown kind of crap.

That, or it could be bad RAM. I suggest running Memtest86 to check to see if the RAM is ok.

EDIT: Oh, you fixed it. Well I still stand by my “ECS = crap” statement.

ecs is crap, however, i got it really cheap with a processor ages ago, still works! i almost broke my abit mobo today, because, well, i flashed it too many times and the cmos didn’t seem to stay, maybe because i sprayed the battery with dust cleaner that was being held upside down… anyways, working splendidly, but i decided to scrap mce and try a linux setup, but now my mouse doesn’t work in xfree86 :frowning:

I had a computer with an ECS mobo for a few years. Not much (anything) in the way of features, but it was stable as all hell.

the ecs motherboard does not like ps/2 keyboards or mice.

There you have a point… near the end of its life, my ECS mobo refused to recognize my keyboard half the time… my mouse worked fine, but it is a USB mouse.

i will always prefer abit motherboards, because the one i have now has been working flawlessly for such a long time.

also, for home theatre personal computers, i suggest the use of MyHTPC