Windows XP Hangup

Ok, i copied my hard drive (i think) but whenever i boot it without the second drive plugged in it stops loading at the windows xp blue screen (the one after the usual windows xp logo with the black background). which is weird.

Sounds like windows is accessing system files on the second hard drive for some reason. What program did you use to copy it?

Western Digital and then I tried Maxtor’s programs for copying hard drives.

Gah, get a real program like Norton Ghost or Drive Image. Those WD or Maxtor utilities are usually either crappy or just crippled versions of a better program anyway.

I used a bootfloppy of HD Clone a free program and it copied it perfectly!

I think what might have been wrong was i copied the files from fat32 to ntfs.


I hate the fact you can’t swap drive letters like F: back to C: becaue of something stupid in the findamentals of it all.

uh… you can.

yea? How w/o having to repair windows?