Did anyone here get a Wii? If so, would you mayhaps like to share console codes?


I would like a Wii.


I’m unsure if I want to get one (When they come out that is), the only things I’m interested in at the moment is the new smash bros and the old console games downloads and for some bizzare reason they have them STILL running slower than the US/JAP counterparts. :frowning:

If you got the Wii we could send each other doctored Taylon comics. Daily! That’s more than Romsus could ever do!

Seriously I want Taylon.


Me too! :cry:

Taylon the videogame for wii? Okay, I’m going to get one now!

I played my sister’s room mate’s Wii the other day. It turns out I am bad at (Wii) Sports. Also, the first like half an hour of the new Zelda game is boring and confusing. I was wondering when the actual game was going to start but I never made it that far. It looked great though! I’m definitely picking up the Gamecube version.

How did you find the wii controller? Was it as fun as it looks in the adverts?

It TOTALLY is as fun as it looks. In the adverts. But I just want WarioWare to come out. That’s gonna be intense.

Oh man I hadn’t thought of that, that’ll be great.

The controller is pretty fun for alot of games, but it can be a bit awkward other times. Wii sports would be boring without it, but I bought the Gamecube version of the new Zelda and found the GC controller to work better for me. Also, the new Zelda is lots of fun!