White Forum Style

At the bottom of every thread page, all the images are missing, or perhaps they were stolen by gremlins. Here’s a wonderfully compressed jpeg image of what I am talking about:

Edit: well hey, they’re missing at the top as well. Curse you, gremlins.

Edit 2: why is vB adding an underscore before that colon?


let me fix.

And while I’m posting things in the mod forum, are normal moderators allowed to edit polls in the forum they moderate, or is that only available for Super Moderators and above?

I ask this because I cannot edit polls in RH.

<s>you should be able to, let me fix that.</s>

apparently it’s a supermod/admin thing only… maybe just an admin thing.

as for the about_: bug, it’s intended to prevent an ie security bug. hopefully they can get around it.

Huh…mods could edit polls in vB 2.xy53sdgf. Why the sudden moderator hate, vB?

so you don’t see the Edit poll option under the polls? it does say moderators only…

I do see it, but when I click on it, it takes me to a page that says, “You are not logged in or do not have permission to access this page.”

ok, see if it works now.

Ah, thanks, it works.

All the images seem to work as well.

[Edit: except for the reputation button]