Where is Vaska

Where is he.

Do you have my Vaska. If you do give him up.

I want some vaska.

Where is Vaska?

I found 'em!

He’s on IM most days?

I think Chembot found him. Just jump into the picture and follow the arrow to get to the circle. That will work!

I was in the land of Maine, home of Maine people and also five times as many Quebeckers as I thought existed. I was in my ancestral not-home of Ogunquit for my grandpa’s birthday. He is 86 and healthier and happier than I have seen him in years, so hooray.

il b msn 2nitez (8<

And when I say 2nitez, I mean where the hell are you, I got up at three am this morning and I’m about to slep my ass off.

Man fuck you I was away and now I’m about to be aslep in the afternoon until 11. See you some other time.

Everyone is always plotting against poor Blivvy!

Well now that Vaska is back I think we should all celebrate with some brand-new “Taylon” adventures on the web-printed page.

Eh? Eh?

Ah of course, it must be done. Romsus and Trot, get right on it ole’ boys.

If wishes were new “Taylon” comics… :frowning:


Also where is that avatar from vaska?


Dragon that is a fine image.

And my avatar is a drawing of a guy of unknown religion by a comic guy called Byrne.

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