When did humorless jerks take over the Internet?

So I posted on this forum which is filled with people from Chicago. They love Chicago, they adore Chicago, everything Chicago is grand to them. Which is fine.

But I post about how Chicago (and their sports teams therein) sucks.

This brings about an immediate reprimand from not one, but two admins, who threaten banination and termination if I don’t take it back, because I’m a big meany.

Now, I don’t care, per se, but when did the Internet fall under the rule of loveless jerks? Sure I was saying Chicago sucks, but I was leaving myself open for pages and pages of parody and scorn! Clearly I didn’t mean what I was saying, I mean, I had “Chicago is gay” encased in a series of lol’s. Does anybody still use lol without being sarcastic anymore?? I thought it was pretty clear.

I then realized that Romshand is the only place for me, simply because I’m incapable fo using :slight_smile: for any legitimate purpose. Nobody else will get our humor, and nobody else will even try. If we were to migrate elsewhere, we’d simply be banned and then sent right back here (this also made me very, very sad).

I mean look at the places that won’t accept our kind:

  1. Forums about furries.
  2. White Power websites.
  3. Forums that love Chicago.

Doors are closing to us left and right.

I’ll never try to post anywhere else ever again. I feel better already. We may be small, we may be lame, but we do have a good sense of humor.

Now, please feel free to use this thread to make fun of me in strange and glorious ways. May I suggest making light of my weight problem?