What the...?


  1. I live in a house.

  2. I DO NOT have a dog.

  3. The Internet is for faggots.

  4. I’m getting married in a month.

  5. I turn 25 in two days.

  6. I’m too young to throw my life away like this.

  7. Oh god, what kind of mistake am I making?

  8. The best years are still ahead of me, and yet I’m restricting myself now???

  9. My cat’s name is Mittens.

  10. I’ll be in LA from November 14th to November 18th. Does this mean anything to anyone?

  11. Sorry I haven’t been coming here for a while. Clearly I suck a tremendous amount of cock.

Oh shit, I just remembered all the Leon stuff, and the Wicks stuff.

Remember “ITT: you are wicks?”

That was probably the greatest thread ever. Except for all threads related to Hippo Week. That was the best week of my adult life.

Is wicks still alive, or did he end up shooting himself in the face with a glock while trying to post a youtube video of him shooting a picture of Barack Obama?

Also, if somebody could tell me that Squall got cancer of the face, and wolves ate his face that would be great.

I was saving that for your wedding present, but I guess I can tell you now.

PS after your wedding I will inform you that that was a lie and your marriage is a lie and you should probably drink ethyl alcohol until your face melts.

Can I have your house while you’re in LA and also after your face melts?

He’s into gorean fetish, it’s pretty much as bad.

Ha ha, he suuuuuure is.

I welcome all kinds of alcohol. Also, I’m clearly a homo sexual.

You see, it all makes sense. I have this evidence,

<img src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/trotskypost.jpg”>

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