What the hell?

…happened to Leon’s thread?

he deleted it for some unknown reason.

I got a 404 error when I tried to connect to your blog link.

as do i

dudu dumb!!!

That was my question…

You have no blog, yet you advertise a link to a blog. Why?

he had a blog…

had, i still have an lj and i am working on [url=“http://www.chriseaston.com/journal/”]my own script.

waves at php Hey, didn’t recognize you there…

Ya I got off my mmorpg adiction so I show up from time to time :wink:

Got off, or took a break?

Kudos on the philosophy class attempt, PSX. Just hope it wasn’t intended to be on ****ing nihilism.

No, I deleted for the fact you allowed the kids and yourself to post “nude” women up. Whereas I did sketch and charater designs from shows with the women of said shows being the theme. BUT Since someone thought I might show some SUPPOSED HENTAI PoS of FILTH and Ge BANNED for it again ??? NO THANK YOU !!! and “=- Yes =-” This is still about the fact I was screwed out of my postion of power because poeple are scared shitless of wtf would happen if I -=did=- findout was posted on the staff forum. There good it’s said …

lol… nothing wong with hentai =p, not like their real women or anything =p

Why does this topic always come up?..Why can’t the past just be left in the pass…man I feel like I am hearing the same damn stuck CD again and again, as usual…Someone post some damn pictures and shut the hell up already about this crap…Thank You …wanders of to watch more Miyu

I am not angry…just tired, when it comes to this shit…So someone screwed up…OMG…lets condemn him for eternity…get over it people…SHIT HAPPENS…now go on with your damn lives and STOP DWELLING…Geez, I have things to do…Don’t you!!!

leon raging again, sigh.

leon, i’ve changed the rules, if you want to post hentai, post a warning in the title of the thread. no reason to shut down your anime chicks thread because i’m allowing posting of naked women in a completely different thread. you were banned because at that time, that picture you posted was not right for the thread, and it was too brutal for even my dirty little eyes, and it was against the rules. don’t get mad, get glad!

He’d get glad if he was reestablished as Art mod.

Don’t be sad, be glad! http://www.ebaumsworld.com/happyman.html

That sentiment is kawaii.

During the opening statements of a murder trial yesterday procecutors stated that Neon Genesis Evangelion influenced a young man who is accused of beating his mother to death with a baseball bat.

“Accused”??? :?:frowning: how can he be accused if he admitted to it?) Murderer came to believe that “The ultimate conclusion of evolution is ruin.”

Hiroyuki Tsuchida, “22”,(The guy is 22 and still regarded in teh eyes of teh law as a youth? ) is said to have killed his mother with a baseball bat because he believed that it would be easier to kill others if he got over his hesitations by first killing familly members. The prosecutors claims that Tsuchida came to believe the phrase "“The ultimate conclusion of (human) evolution is ruin,” from Neon Genesis Evangelion and that he also came to believe that humans were unnecessary being responsible for the destruction of the environment. This brought him to want to kill people.

-Full Story -->http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20031202p2a00m0dm001000c.html