What the hell is this?

Check it [url=“http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html”] [APOD]

ok, it just looks cool.

Looks like some kinda blobish monster with it’s gaping maw ready to devour the nearbly inhabitants. Cool lookin’!

PSX’s reputation goes up

Just Remember …

and that thing just gives me bad bad bad images …

Freedom for all, Leon…discrimination sucks.

:sad: :crying: What about me?? I’m fat… :sad: :crying:

[COLOR=Cyan]You are anything but fat [/COLOR] and I [SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]know[/COLOR][/SIZE] I’ve seen you you :jawdrop: you :wink:

At long, long, long last I get a “backing” opinion.


azalyn.otaking.org 7777 <— Chem you do this???

I have taken to rewarding myself for finishing a household chore with a nice game of blowing shit up
My house is sparkling clean and I am one happy gamer.