What the fuck

How are spiders doing all this shit?

Also, why am I swear so fucking much? It’s like I live up north.

Search engines can easily find their way to pages like View IP and Reply to Thread by going through all the links, but they just see a message like, “You don’t have permission to do this.”

They’re like unregistered guests that want to look at every page.

Yes, of course.

It appears I understand the world more when I’m under the infulence of alchol.

I apoligise for being sober.

Hint: That’s why they have the icon with the legend “Viewing No Permission”

that’s it Rav, no more posting on the forums sober!

Seriously, I had ALOT more fun and had a better understanding of life before I gave up drinking.

Also, I used to be a hate filled young man, now I cuddle bunnies. I shall have to revert back into my hate filled shape soon.