What kind of Sun systems do you have?

Like the OpenVMS and SGI (IRIX) systems threads: Same deal, post what kind of Sun (or Oracle, nowadays) systems you have or that you (have) otherwise use(d)! Either at home, or perhaps what you use at work, university or so.

A Sun system is primarily understood to be SPARC-based (Sun-4, with MC68000 in the Sun-3 days) and running Solaris (or, SunOS). The modern x86/-64 (e.g. AMD Opteron) systems don’t interest me much, but you’re free to name them if you wish to. Especially if you run Solaris x86/-64.

Like in the other threads: Perhaps say a thing or two about the specifications (for example, include a [FONT=“Courier New”]psrinfo[/FONT] output), pictures and tell us what you use it for? All is welcome!

What I currently have: [LIST]
[]Ultra 10, 440 MHz UltraSPARC IIi (SPARCv9) with 1 GB RAM, Elite 3D-M6 UPA graphics adapter and several options, including a gigabit ethernet NIC (though I haven’t gotten it to work yet under Solaris 9) and a SCSI (I believe a mere SCSI-2/UltraWide, but good enough) host bus controller;
]SPARCstation 5, 170 MHz TurboSPARC (SPARCv8) with 224 MB RAM (though it should be 256, but only recognizes that quantity) along with a CG6 GX (8-bit, HD15 VGA) SBUS framebuffer adapter, a ‘Fast Ethernet’ (100BASE-TX) SBUS NIC and a DDS-2 (SCSI) tape drive that I more or less shoehorned into the system (with a custom-made bezel/facia);
[*]JavaStation-NC “Krups”, 100 MHz MicroSPARC II-ep (SPARCv8), with 64 MB RAM, on-board ‘Fast Ethernet’ NIC and an optional JavaOS ROM (8 MB).[/LIST]

Mostly ‘vintage’ systems, as you can see. A Wacom Intuos (DIN A4) tablet is occasionally connected to one of the above two. Operating system-wise, I run mostly Solaris 9 (with the OpenGL software loaded on the Ultra 10) and NetBSD v5 (I think, as I haven’t powered it on recently) on the JavaStation. Houdini runs great on the Ultra 10, I must say! I haven’t tried Photoshop yet (compared to IRIX, for example), though.

(Edit: I added the JavaStation to the poll afterwards (with my mad moderator powers), I voted for ‘other.’ So, it’s not registered under my name, but just so you know.)

I surmised so.

Why don’t you post a bit about your SPARC hardware; also, any new acquisitions as of late?


Nice systems! As for your plans for a thread about your network setup, that sounds great!

1000BASE-SX, nice. I have 10GBASE-SR here (which is also fiber-optical, of course), which I use primarily as a clustering and storage interconnect (for VMScluster, MSCP/TMSCP and DECnet, with Winnili) and in a ‘point-to-point’ manner (like bi-directionally from the Winnili cluster and to my SGI Tezro). As you can probably guess, 10 gigabit ethernet switches are practically unaffordable, especially for mere mortals such as myself. Even [1] gigabit ethernet switches, transceivers (GBICs) and so forth are still very pricey.


That’s good to hear!

You’re always busy with interesting (mostly non—x86/-64) computer projects, which is excellent! I hope you’ll find time, in the near future, to use VMS and your beautiful ‘pedestal’-mounted rx2600 more. :slight_smile:


don’t have one XD…

i just have my laptop and my PC…

Let’s hope you’ll be able to change that situation soon! :wink:

On that subject. I’ve never investigated the possibility, but what about SPARC emulation? Qemu seems to do it, but I’ve never tried it (nor had any real good reason for it).