What kind of OpenVMS-compatible hardware do you have?

Here’s a thread to kick things off. Post what kind of OpenVMS-compatible hardware you have? Either at home, or perhaps what you use at work, university or so.

To supplement my votes:
[LIST][]2× HP Integrity rx2620, dual dual-core (multi-threaded) 1400 MHz Itanium 2 ‟Montecito” with 24 GB RAM each, for OpenVMS I64 V8.4;
]DEC Multia (UDB), single 166 MHz Alpha EV4/21066 with 32 MB RAM, planning to install OpenVMS V7.1-2 or V7.2 via the custom boot-procedure;
[*]several emulated/virtual systems, with the help of AlphaVM (Alpha, emulating as far up as an ES40), Personal Alpha (Alpha) and my favourite SimH (VAX); for OpenVMS Alpha V8.4 and OpenVMS VAX V7.3-2.[/LIST]

Past systems:
[LIST][]DEC AlphaServer 1000 4/266 with a single 266 MHz Alpha EV4/21064, 256 MB RAM, DEC FireStorm (VGA, HD15) graphics adapter, DE500 ethernet adapter, DSSI/FDDI(?) fiber-optical adapter, several small (RZ-type, 50-pin; with the largest being one or more 36.4 GB Compaq RZ1FC) SCSI disks in SBBs in the integrated BA-cabinet (and more, that I can’t all remember), mostly for OpenVMS Alpha V8.3;
]3× HP Integrity rx2600, dual 1500 MHz Itanium 2 ‟Madison” with 24 GB RAM each, along with card cages and extras, for OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 and V8.4.[/LIST]

I’ll post some pictures soon, or else on the website. So, what systems do the other voters have? :slight_smile:


Excellent system dukzcry and welcome! The rx2600 is a very nice quality system and comes in a great size (2U, for those not familiar with the system). What I particularly like about yours, is the rather rare ‘zx6000’-type desk-side pedestal mount, it looks great! I’m selling one of my rx2600s soon though. I figured I have enough with three systems. I probably couldn’t afford to power all four up at once for long(er) periods.

Today (15-SEP-2011) I sold one of my rx2600s (with dual 1500 MHz ‟Madison” processors, 4 GB RAM, iLO/MP card, PCI/-X card cage, 73 GB Ultra320 SCSI disk and a PSU), now I have a total of three systems. I wish the new owner best of luck with it, he’s going to do great things with it (very beneficial for VMS users). With his permission, I’ll link to his excellent work so far.

Last thursday (10-NOV-2011) I sold another rx2600, my last one (with dual 1500 MHz ‟Madison” processors, 24 GB RAM, iLO/MP card, PCI/-X card cage with Smart Array 6402 Ultra320 SCSI RAID adapter, two 73 GB Ultra320 SCSI disks [connected to the SA6402 with a special internal flatcable for the rx2600/rx2620] and a PSU).