What car do you drive?

Post what car you drive and it’s specs (if you care to) and mileage.

Me, I drive a 1991 Blazer S-10 Tahoe with 212,392 miles on it.

I drive a flying future car that uses air for its fuel and can use GPS to track down large buildings and <strike>run into them</strike> fly to their tops so I can laugh at the people at the top because I have a flying super future car and they do not.

It has lemon-fresh scent. Future lemon-fresh scent. It smells like pine.

I drive a piece of crap. It looks like crap, it’s missing a blinker and can’t open the front passenger-side door, and while it does not smell like crap now, a gallon of rotten milk exploded in there about a year ago.

I want that 1985 Lincoln Town Car that they’re advertising in the paper. Or maybe the 1989 one…

1994 Geo Metro.

Oh hells yeah

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. 70,000 miles.

I want a Honda.

I don’t much enjoy my car…

I have a 1988 Chevy S-10 Blazer with the 4.3 liter engine. It has a huge dent int he driver’s side door, but the door still works. Also, I would love to sell this piece o’ crap and get a Civic. I will do so in the near future after I fix it up a bit.

I drive…umm…wait…I don’t have a car :crying:

I would assume that instead you possess a SUPER MONKEY HYPER KARATE DEATH CAB

2000 Satrun LS Series Silver Plum with CD/Mp3 Player with 26 $ for a full tank. Plush bieg interior with the still new car smell in it.

Does it count if I drive the cars of others?

That thing pwnz 411.

I drive my dreams, which are powered by the imagi-nation. WHOOSH!

Yes. It was even cooler when it didn’t have an alternator.

What kinda lame brand name is that.

You idiot.