Well, well, well

Long time, no see psx-dude. So who are the rest of your minions? I hope everyone plays nicely and introduces themselves…

As you can tell, after 1 month, no reply. The forums are pretty much dead these days.

I’m doing good Jess, how are you? I forgot the IRC details for SLUG so I can’t login these days. I have a house, job, new car, and a 17 month-old :).

Look! The other me!

My, a mini-me huh? Congratulations! The details now are:


Now that you mention the nplus1, it all came back to me.

Yet you’re not in there. :frowning:

I tried to get x-chat for windowz and i couldn’t find it. I finally found a copy. irc.nplus1.net #slug, right?

That’s right. :wink:

2 years ago and I lost it. But oh well, now I have a VM with X-Chat installed which is much nicer!

I don’t really hang out in there anymore, but I’m almost always on freenode as jstizzle. Usually I’m in ##turtles if you want a channel to hang out in. :slight_smile:

I like irssi; I’ve been using it for about 4 years now.

Just in case you ever read this, I still hang out in ##turtles on freenode as jstizzle. :wink:

Hmmm? O Hallo Dere, yes we actually hang out on Google Plus OR Steam nowdays.

Hey Leon, what’s your S/N on steam? I’m psxdude989 on there.

HerrMaestro I think we’re already connected though on there Chris.

Yup definitely connected now it seems.