Well can I?

I was wondering, being such a n00b in here, would it mind anyone if I start a thread, I promise I’ll post in it and insert one of the words: fag, lol, bling, blogosphere, fat, Aes sedai, hormone and maybe even Canada.

well can I?

No. Stop doing things. Stop being happy or hopeful. Stop it. Stop it! STOP IT!!!

I agree even though I’m not too sure what a “Aes sedai” is!

Wheel of Time.

You’re not another one of Squall’s cronies, are you? ARE YOU?! TELL THE TRUTH!!!

He is a Canadian, or so I am told. So we must kill him.


I have that game for the N64, it wasn’t the best game buying decision ever. =/

Out of sheer boredom at work today, I found Daikatana on Wikipedia, and it was listed on the “biggest flops in video game history” list.

That game had fallen so far off my radar, I wanted to see just how bad it actually looked, and I must say, the graphics look, literally, like cat vomit.

I can only imagine the gameplay was just as sparkling and great.

John Romero sure made me his bitch :rolleyes: