Well aaron, now you can make all your wishes come true


Shit! Wire gets a 3rd season? This means all <i>my</i> fantasies are coing true, too!

I’m swooning right now.

So damn seck-say.

I’m confused. Are we swooning over Jude Law?


Jude’s on my list of men that I would sleep with.

Along with Steve Buscemi and Johnny Depp.

Count me in, then. A little Gigolo Joe goes a long way… or so I hear.

Funny, Johnny’s on my list too…

Quit stealing my brain waves, you vampire!

I think Johnny’s on every boys list.

I’ve had a crush on Depp since 21 Jump Street.

Actually, and oddly enough, Johnny is not on my list… which I suspect is a good deal longer than most everyone else’s here.

I ment every straight boy’s list.

I find this conversation has taken a very disturbing turn…

This is nothing new of course.

I’d have to go with Keanu…

Okay, guys, you obviously need some help with this. Jared Leto, Ewan McGregor, the aforementioned Jude Law, the cartoon-Matt-Damon-fella from Titan AE, and… I know I’m missing someone obvious… umm… oh, Colin Farrell! How in the world could I forget Colin Farrell?! Dear God, Alexander the Great, all that man-humping… please stop me…


You want one?

Sorry I dont smoke.

Christian Bale is another quality choice.

Only if he chases me with a chainsaw after we have the sex.

This thread is officially <img src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/ticon_orbgay.gif”>