Weird problem installing linux

I’ve boot off of turbolinux, fedora (redhat), and slackware cd’s in an attempt to install linux. However, whenever i boot one of these and try to type some text to boot into the install programs, my keyboard gets all funky. qwerty works, but enter and many other keys return the wrong thing. so, i cannot get any further. The same thing works with ps2 and usb keyboards… any ideas?

Oh, and i installed windowsxp just fine, and the keyboard has no quirks in windows xp.

Have you tried selecting a proper keyboard layout? some distros assume something else, but sometimes you need to pick the right one.

Make sure you’re not picking the UK keyboard either. It should be US QWERTY 104-key. I think

it never gives me the option to select a keyboard. i managed to install it and it works perfectly, all i did was set my hard drive as a master instead of a slave (i had removed the main master because it broke)