Want to join a gaming network?

I’m thinking of starting a gaming network at clonedi.com
any one interested in runing a gaming website? If so let me know, very little html knowlage needed to run it, I’ll set up a template and stuff and even make graphics for you (site must look nice, so your sites subject to aproval)

Currently I’m working on the design for ff11.clonedi.com, but odds are i’ll make a new template for the network sites so the layout might not be exactly like that.

anyway, post if your interested in working on a site and tell me which game…

You know thats what I’m trying to do Php you phreak.
You know I’m always interested in that type of fun.
But at the same time what games would you be supporting? Don’t want TOO much. UT & UT2k3 are always a Fave and then there is WC3 and SC-Broodwars.
a Touch of EQ (Pukes) and Maybe Quake3Arena and a dash of C&C.

Also Check this. This could be used as a Online Community 3d Forum… http://www.esconline.org/ Could you picture creating a Small Convention hall Type map with a Room for a select type subject?

Just ran The T/C and all I can say is Holy Zarqoun !!! These maps have had a lot of love and care done to them the detailing they did with this just rocks.

Well Mike? when is this magical network gonna appear and out of who’s buttcheeks will it spring from?

Classic shot.

Ah yes now if WAM were only there instead. :smiley:

Not to jump your shit but have you ever played EQ? From what I gather, you never have and even though I never have played that game either I disapprove of someone critisizing something they haven’t tried. If i play EQ and don’t like it then I will critisize it. Until then anything I can say about that or any game i haven’t played for that matter would be just crap outta my mouth.

I have played the Starcraft games and sadly to say I will send my game disks to anyone interested in having them, that game sucked that bad.

As for C&C, that game is one of the better games i’ve played in the RTS genre.

I am new here and though I have seen posts from some of the members here at other forums I really don’t know anyone. So hello there everyone and sorry Leon if it seems i’m picking on you but you should always preceed a “pukes or it sucks” with “i played this game and…” It lets people know you actually speak from experience and not heresay!

Have I played EQ? Yea, I played last month finally and will nvr do it again. If I want to RP I’ll use my books and paper and dice… Oh fyi we haven’t met yet and its a short reply Nice to see poeple from “Q”'s aka MB’s forum freq’ing the board… But Back to topic. Phphreak, msn me with your idea, I think I know someone that -might- help you out with your idea. But it will be your call if you want to or not.

Ah, so you know me from Q’s board sort of. Then you would also know of a dislike for a certain person on that board too. Funny thing is, that person thinks I am someone I am not. But that is a story for another day.

As far as EQ goes, I’ve heard mixed reviews on that game and I am not fully ready to commit to a pay to play type RPG. I’ll stick to the Pay for the software, play for free style for now.

Oh yes and I now I -=know for sure=- you are as well. MSN me lets talk…

What? You know what? and I don’t have MSN at the moment available to me. Work doesn’t allow it sadly enough.

EQ is very simular to crack… If you have an adictive personality its fun and great… but if you don’t the fun factor drops significantly over a month or 2… specialy with release of all the expansion which made it posible to go form lvl 1 to 50 in like 1 month (with out twinking or powerleveling)

Where’s the crack?