Want to help design & create an MMORPG

I’m looking for a few dedicated individuals that would like to work on an MMORPG, I plan on working with the Unreal2003 engine to create it. (Much like Lineage2 has.)

If your any good at making models please contact me, I’m looking for unreal2003 quality stuff I’m not wanting to make some gay ass horizon look alike. (shivers, god that game sucks)

Some info on the mmorpg follows;

Based roughly in the midevil era, there will be multiple islands each with its own races and cultures. Heres a list of races I hope to have in it:

Human, Dwarf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Forest Elf, Dark Elf, Elder Elf, Gnome, Highlander, Dragon, Half-Dragon, Half-Elf, Half-Demon, Un-named Feline Race, Un-named Reptile Race.

The mmorpg will follow class system much like DAOC. Except it will require people to make a backstory for their character. Example: You want to be a Infernal (Fallen Paladin) You start a fighter at level 1, at lvl 10 you become a paladin, then after you hit level 15 you then have a choice to fall from grace at any time (how you do so will be determined at another time) Once you fall from grace you become a Infernal (Fallen Paladin) with that classes abilities instead of a paladins abilities.

If you want more details or anything like that, post here… would really like some help with this… Thanks…

A bump with a little more info…

I’m thinking of a new way of a new way to inspire people to pvp, a reason… which dosent really exist in any other game… why pvp? other then for the thrill of pvping… which fades for some over time… What about this?

There will be several waring nations. When you create a guild you are just a guild working out of that nation as you do more and more pvp for your nation (killing players from other nations) your guild aquires nation points. The’s points can be spent by your guild leader to buy property that is currently controled by your nation. The guild leader can then assign parts of that land to diffrent people (in effect making your guild leader the lord of the land.) The guild leader can even build a castle on the land and make it his keep. A city could develop around the castle housing the members of the guild and their shops. This would give insinitive to fight for your nation. If your nations influence is lost in the area in which your guilds keep is located it will not recieve a infuence bonus and will not have the support of reinforcements and such from the nations capital. Influence is gained by making more nation points in an area then your enemys.