Voted fer Arnie

Yep, I voted for Arnold as my governor, and for a couple of propositions or something. Now, since my vote counts more than anyone else’s, I expect Arnie to announce his victory and pick me up in a limmo to take me to a fancy party where I will eat shrimp cocktails and do the limbo.

Or not… maybe I’ll just go to work…

as did i, GO ARNIE!

I had this terrible dream yesterday that I lived in a huge state, with a huge deficit, and an impending election where Dolph Lundgren was going to be elected our next governor.

Then I woke up and realized I live in a woodsy state, quaint in its design, and I have a competent executive as my governor.

Then I realized that we have winters here. And I went back to sleep. I’d take Dolph over winters anytime…

I refuse to vote.

Look its Arnie’s Running mate !

You motherfuckers.

You just cost us another Conan, another Terminator, and possibly another Total Recall!


So did Arnie-pie win or what?

Of course he won.

Now he will save the state by __________ and by __________ and by instituting _______________.


Eh, he can sink it for all I care, as long as he outdoes Bush in the area of memorable lines.

Say now Trot, don’t be hatin’…

Uh, California is a fairly important state in terms of the national economy. You’re damn tooting his future bungling affects other states.

I would have liked the recall better if Arnie exposed Davis as an evil mastermind and then they battled to the death, culminating with Arnie stabbing Davis through the heart with an American flag, similar to what Mel Gibson did on that Simpsons episode that one time.

Really though, of the few issues I looked at, I think Schwarznegger was probably the best choice. Now I’m just hoping he knows enough about being governor to be successful.

I say give the man a chance. I mean, who would have thought that Ventura, a larger-than-life wrestler, would make a good (was it senator? Or maybe governor…)?

California has already been bungled quite a bit though. I don’t see how Schwarzenegger can bungle it any more than it’s already been bungled.

I don’t either, but I’m sure he will surprise me with his innovation.

Don’t worry Jon, there’s no reason to assume that Arnie doesn’t know anything about running a major state econom–OH WAIT

And I’m not hatin’ too bad…I’m just really glad I don’t live in California right now. Gee, Arnie, a fat Mexican, a conservative prickhole, or a governor who looks like and is a zombie?


Arnie > Zombie

California wins!

@Whee Skynet controls All of California now !

Taking my cue from California, I am no longer voting for any executive who has never uttered: “PAMPING EES BETTAR THAN CAAMING!” (read: “pumping is better than coming.” Pumping Iron is a great documentary).

Hear that, democratic candidates? You’d better get on this one!