Vote or DIE!

Do It!

Vote no on vote.

Voted yes.


to those that vote, when someone asks you did you vote you can say yes.

I didn’t not vote.

ooh its gonna be a close one, can yes claim northern south america?

I voted no, becasue I’m not registered to vote in the up comming elections.

this has nothing to do with those other “elections”.

Oh, this isn’t about the vote to invade the moon… My bad.

its about a mars colony with robots and we’ll be learning to teleport stuff to hell…

That would make a good game.


/me puts away his plans for a mars colony.

Yeah a real good game. We can have Megadeth do the sound track too!

We can use Go to Hell for a start!

I have voted, both for this poll and also for the president of my country. I got a sticker. Whee.

I didn’t get a sticker. ;(

it looks like no is going to win, but it could be an upset!

Yes will sue for a recount. Multiple times.

oh crap. 5-6

This is too close to call, TIME TO GET THE LAWYERS INVOLVED!

My vote is bound to stir up some drama!