Viva la rossa!

Howdy my American friends.

I have decided that my view on Tony Blair being a cunt for following G.W. Bush around like a little puppy might be wrong.

After all, he is our leader. He must know something that I, the common man, doesn’t.

Taking this into consideration I have decided to join the pro-American British movement.

I am going to be as American as I can be, by trying to be like the most American thing I can think of… Mexicans!

I am currently wearing a white vest, blue jeans and drinking taquilla!

I can’t afford a low rider, so I’m bouncing about in my chair and shouting “Hey Esa!” and listening to Cyprus Hill.

I feel more American by the minute.

Good work, sir. Soon, you will begin work in our migrant force.

You could just get an old car with some phatty bo-batty rims.

Begin addressing people as ‘Chico’.

Oh wait, that’s Cubans… close enough.

Also you must play in a mariachi band… just because that would be cool