vBulletin V.3 B3

As some of you may know, vBulletin 3.0 beta 3 has been released from the vB dev team. Do you think I should run it here to test it out? It may delete all the hacks and styles we have going here, that’s the only side effect. But it has many more features.

What sort of hacks?

what sort of features?

look on vbulletin.com/forum and see, it’d be exactly the same.

So stuff like two login areas on the main page, how many people are viewing certain forums, different styles of thread viewing, showing the person’s avatar next to their name in the Member list, different profile look. That is everything that I could see without being registered. If anyone is or would be kind enough to register, and look for more things that are new/different, it would be great :). I’m up for it, although we should get the chance to help pick the style, and all sorts of stuff to make the new psx-dude forums :). That way, it’s something that everyone likes.

Apparently there is a reputation feature (like karma), the stars can stay, and also you can have a picture of yourself that is seperate from your avatar.

I say give it a whirl.

If you don’t want to screw up your current forums, just back everything up before you upgrade to 3.0 beta, then if 3.0 beta isn’t as hot as we expected it to be, just roll back to whatever version you’re on now.

I fear change greatly.

it would probably be best to start from scratch, my attachment database seems a little too large for my liking.


Originally posted by psx-dude
it would probably be best to start from scratch, my attachment database seems a little too large for my liking.
So get rid of the attachments, if that’s possible.

I really don’t see the value in keeping posts, threads, or attachments.

There are some fine posts in the RH forums that I would be sad to see disappear.

i could keep those posts i think, there hasn’t been much action anywhere else on this forum though.

There have been many fine RH posts that have disappeared already. In any case, I often find distaste with beta versions. I suggest waiting until final. Or at least the first release candidate.

I’m totally against it.


Smees right, Even its a complete failure, You always can have the old version to fall back on, And if its good(And they usualy are, And have lots of useful new features.) And if you like the old threads so bad, You can always download ALL of the forums, Or just make and improved ones!

Originally posted by ^DrAgOn^
You can always download ALL of the forums
Except I really can’t. Thanks for playing, though!

I vote no if Romshand has to get rehashed AGAIN.