Vacation:Yo ho ho

I am posting this message from my dad’s business laptop nary 6 feet away from golden sand, blue water, clear skies, and 80 degree temperatures…so I’ll be brief.

Good times are being had by all despite the noted absence of Mr. Poma, but all is well.

Drinking has been working in my favor as one of my cousin’s friends came up, got drunk, then proceeded to hang all over me for no reason, and despite being attached to a long-term boyfriend. Zing.

I golfed a 98 today, which is a personal best.

I plan on going running in mere moments around the glorious Cedar Lake.

Uhh…I’m going to watch a Zombie movie tonight.

I haven’t seen the Hulk (I assume it’s great).

I miss Chrono Trigger. But not Roms. I do not miss Roms.

I will probably not be able to check this thread until Saturday, but you never know…

You’re all gay.

Well, I’m going to go enjoy the beach, and the out-of-doors in general some more. Enjoy your commutes, your traffic snarls, and your not being at the beach, foolios.

Oh, and the Tigers have been especially bad this week. This is my only complaint of vacation…

That is all.

Who the fuck are you?

Hey, nature boy, I am sitting here in the air conditioning while it is fucking five million degrees outside, and I assume everyone else is doing something similar. I think it’s clear who’s on the better end of the spectrum of civilization/getting-raped-by-moose.

Take that!

The Tigers continue to lose.

This time to the BoSox… Grhiss.

That’s why you shouldn’t watch baseball.

I cannot believe I invited this ass to come stay with me. He probably will want to go outside when I want to play D2 or something. I FEAR THE SUN. and I hate aaron…

Just throw a constant stream of booze at him and he’ll be inside all the time.

Plus, you’d get to see drunken D2 playing.


curse you and your enjoyment of life.

1.10 DRAWS NEAR!!!

(Anyone want to start a cult?)

1.10 was drawing near a freakin’ year ago.

But it has to come soon :freak:

yes it does, and so many good changes. I will be making a ladder char for lots of sweet stuff.

I wonder what changes exactly they will be making…

Perhaps they’ll somehow take care of all the adbots, hacks, hexs etc?

here is a link to soem of it, and yes, mush will be done about hacking

One of the greatest changes is the Synergies! Finally you don’t have to hold your points until something good comes along. You can put them in low level spells which will eventually make your higher ones better! Plus full unique set bonuses like display auras and my favorite the etheral assassin avatar.

Synergies sound delicious. I hope this new “more frequent set items” deal helps me finish my set and actually see that aura thing.

Many more unique items…many more mostly good items…still none that any of us will ever see…



Edit: I’ve completed the (Legit) Natalya’s set, I am cool. Am I right in assuming it won’t give me the cool new bonuses.