UT 2004 Beta released

I’m downloading it now because… i dunno

Official Download link: http://www.unrealtournament.com/ut2004/downloads.php
Torrent: http://www.aixgaming.com/filerush/download.php?target=UT2004_BetaDemo.exe

Got it. Played it. Love it to DEATH.

EB Games has it on pre-order, DVD special edition, for $39.99. Includes every map from UT2003 as well as 90 (ninety) new maps for UT2004.

I’ll sure as hell be getting the DVD edition.

ive seen ratty play this and he enjoys blowing himself sky high with the sheild gun…unreal is slowly become like tribes but its still fun

Thats the funnest thing to do, the ragdoll system makes it fun to do that.
Its fun to also set 8 grenades, jump then trigger and go flying. I landed directly on my head a few times and my body seemed to balance on it, when in reality my skull would crush from the bodys weight, after the neck breaks.
Fun game, a few small lag issues but thats alright.
Btw, I changed my avatar.

<!–StartFragment --> I don’t know what its called, but that hover-craft ship thing is the bestest thing ever.

I wanna play now, come over.

I wonder if your ping will change any going from your DSL to my Cable.

It will go from my 120-90 ping to like 30. :stuck_out_tongue:

…your avatar is sniffing me :frowning:

Teh loen Can whomp any of you. Ask ^Dragon^ :faint:

Its true, whenever he gets you to join a server with 400+ ping, he can totally come in 2nd or 3rd place.


ill report you all!

For hosting illegal software!!
:flame dev

Since when is the UT2004 beta demo illegal?

I dunno since when was Smee ever important?

Since he overthrew Rita Repulsa and became ruler of the Putty Army.

hahaha what?

My copy just arrived today. Installing it now.

I love DVD installations. Much better than this 8 billion CD bullshit.

sweet, i should get a dvd-rom drive…

Tell us how the full version is.

Mmmmm… drool I’m picking it up next month. Off the shelf or not, I don’t care really. I must have!