Using anaologies that involve either ninjas, pirates, or zombies: cure my fear

Not this weekend, but the weekend after, I will be boarding a flight at Metro Airport in Romulus, Michigan bound for Minneapolis, Minnesota. This flight will take about an hour and 45 minutes and will be on a DC-9 or some such silliness. This is a smaller style of the larger jet planes that you see zipping around above your heads nowadays.

After I land in Minneapolis, I will board a smaller twin prop puddle jumper bound for Hancock, Michigan. This plane has a little over 30 seats, two prop engines, and 1 scared 20 year old praying for his pitiful life. This flight will take about an hour and 20 minutes, at which point I will land, spend 2 glorious days drinking heavily, and then I repeat the whole process again, only in reverse.

Now if you don’t know me that well by now, there are very few things that I’m actually afraid of. One is being raped in prison. The other is flying. I’ve flown many times in the past. I’ve even made this flight about four times. However, it never gets any easier.

So, using analogies or anecdotes or personal experiences with pirates, ninjas, or zombies…cure my irrational fear of flying.

Meaning you will vomit for two glorious days, then magically levitate. Amazing.

God fucking dammit. I had this really clever idea for a post here… but it was the exact same as Phil’s idea. I am so pissed off that I am going to vomit for two days.

Oh yeah, and your chances of dying in flight are the same as those of killing a zombie pirate while Will Turner still has that last gold coin.

That would be pretty sweet.

Also: I hate you both.

I am looking forward to you arrival, when on friday should I be expecting this glorious event? Or will I even see you? I assume you will be to busy chasing tail to consort with the likes of me.

I land at 1:30 pm.

Or perhaps sometime earlier over the forests of Wisconsin. Who knows.

And as long as you don’t go to bed at 9pm on Friday night, I’m sure I’ll be able to find at least 10 minutes to talk to you about Star Craft or Star Trek or whatever it is you are in to these days…you crazy kid.

I still don’t like my Ninja chances.

McCallum had the right idea, he was just ahead of his time. Your plane will crash into the capitol. But the capitol will respond in time and lock out all visitors and thus be saved from burning and ruin, much unlike you and your fellow passengers.

That will still leave me far short of my intended goal of Hancock, Michigan.

Unless, of course, you are an attractive female, KBV…

Can…can I stay with you?

I am a very attractive female.

I am also ten feet tall and own five senators and a cabinet member.

I only own a congressmen :frowning:

Damn it, I can’t post anything clever here, the cleverness limit has been reached.

Trot, you are as likely to crash as a ninja is likely to be spotted by the untrained eye of the non-belivers as he swoops down on them.

“Non-believers”? What kind of ninja is this, O-sama bin Ladenu?

Allahmoto Shigiyaweh