Urgent appeal; Please get us out of here

We, at the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq, direct this message to our families, senators, congressmen and women, and to every person with life conscious at the homeland.

There are no words that can describe what we face here in Iraq. We have lost, continue to loose, many of our dearest friends and comrades. It feels like we are fighting ghosts here, we know that there will be no way for victory here. The situation keeps only getting worst!
Imagine that we are fighting people who do not fear death!
They think we are doing them a favor, since death will shorten the distance between them and paradise.

Additionally, our moral is getting lower daily as we witness the increasing numbers of the dead and the injured. The numbers published are much less than the reality.
Needless to mention our suffering of shortage in basic supplies like; gas, water, food, and hygiene items.

Nevertheless we freely signed for the army, however it never crossed our mind the kind of danger we will be facing. We would never mind if this war was for a fare and just cause, but we now know that this war was only created to satisfy the greed of few people whom will never ever send their kids to face what we are facing.

We are sending you this message and we are not confident that we will be able to write another one soon. We feel that death is waiting for us at every corner.
Our enemy is out there waiting to hunt us. We even get threat message through our inner email network. Just yesterday we received the following:

[color=red][b][Images deleted - this is NOT rotten.com, do not post graphic photos like that here.


O’ God help us get out of here! We urge you to spread this message at every level, hoping to return home in one piece, not in a body bag.


Your Sons & Daughters

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