The forums have been updated. I don’t know what these really means, but it had a bunch of new folders and shit, so its probably cooler. So, check it out and tell me what you all think.

We’re also on a new server, so huzzuh!

Well, the Postbit View seems to be stuck on horizontal, and the quick reply box is gone. Did the new version override some older options or something?

If you click on the A/A at the top right you can get rid of the box around the text.

Dropdowns no longer work.

A lot of stuff broke, I have to go through and update all the templates, so it’ll take a while.

That should all be done now, the style selectors should work. Next I have to go through and make the vertical/horizontal change.

I don’t know if this is related, but your main page makes IE say “NEIN!”. I have to use Firefox like some kind of liberal faggot.

Oblivington! :smiley:

When are you coming back to the internet permanently?

Also how’s IE now that its implemented tabs, are they still problems with pop ups/overs/unders/whatever?

I love firefox but it sure uses up a lot of memory!

Jewfox is really slow on my CutAndRunBook G4.

What skin are you using? Try using the main vbulletin one, that’ll probably fix your problem.

Still no quick reply box in the Dark forum skin. Not sure if you need to edit the skins manually, or if it’s a global change.

ah, the base is the hardocp skin and it doesn’t have it either. I’m going to have to look at that later.

The box now appears on the ]H[ clone styles, but it doesn’t work entirely as well as it should.

And thanks Chembot for removing that spam, I’m going to have to upgrade I think to prevent that from happening.

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