What’s your favorite unzipper?

Zip works well enough for me, mostly cuz I never had to use any other ones.

My friend says WinRar is better than WinZip, but I think as long as it can unzip the file, it’s fine.

WinRAR is better. especially when it comes to extracting other types of compressed files, which i stumble upon quite often.

however, there’s this very annoying thing about WinRAR i hate the most. when u extract a certain file in a folder, instead of just extreacting that file to wherever, it extracts it with the folder(s) it’s already in. for god’s sakes! and if i check ‘don’t extract paths’ then it will not extract folders even if i select 'em. it just puts everything in one folder.

sooo annoying. :@

OH MY DEAR GOD, what happened to my avatar? why did u remove it? please, please, please, for the love of god and all things holy bring it back! it’s like my… u know!

please… :frowning:

[pipian@sakura pipian]$ unzip why_am_i_not_a_tarball.zip

I enjoy WinRAR, because it can open any file and i just right click them and go to Extract to directory/