UnderTOW has been holding out on us

:slight_smile: UnderTOW’s help on a project

I was suprised to see UT’s name there but then again we know what type of talent he has. I’m just kinda sad he held that info from us. Anyway GREAT Job man ! :shocked: :cool:

hehe, his name is tim.

Bah, that mod’s pretty crap anyway. And my animation speed was screwed up in the code so my monster i did looks shit.

well tim, i’m sure you’re going to rework the model and stuff, right?

I know I’d love to see it as a downloadble model from Fileplanet. But thats just me…

It’s not the model, it’s the animation speed which has to be set in the code, which i have no control of

Thing is you could release it or re-work a lil and then release as a stand alone for DM/Coop Play couldn’t you? And if so … (Begs) PLEASE!! Pretty Please with … Iggy’s head on top?