Ultra-rare game found!

Oh boy oh boy! I finally managed to get my mitts on a copy! The hot new GBA game from Japan, the translated European version! It’s so awesome.

Okay, okay. The game is called “Super Wick’s Adventure: Fight the Dark Menace”. The story is pretty standard; a bunch of militant Africans kidnap the president in an effort to force America to give basic financial support to starving African countries. But this evil plot does not sit well with the hero, Wicks! He hits the streets and starts kicking the crap out of any Darkie he sees, using his superior white power and intelligence to defeat armies of Africans, American Blacks who turned against their masters, and liberal terrorists who support them. Here are some screenshots!



Game of the Year 1805.

[size=-1]Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?[/size]

The post-modern twist on this hilarious joke is that the actual wicks would probably love that game.

Man, those days with wicks actually rivaled the great Leon exodus, and Squall’s insane ramblings about God knows what.

We need another one of those. So we can unite and banish him to hell. We’re like those Gundam Wing guys in the movie: we’re giant assholes trained to kill in a land of peace. Our robots are rusting and our friendship is eroding.


Oh look it’s a Dragon. AKA a monster or maybe mobster.


The latter days might not be quite over Trot, thanks to a certain member of the constabulatory who shall remain nameless for a time.

Right on cue!

Jaxian? Is it Jaxian? I bet it’s Jaxian. Jaxian is always causing trouble.

Or maybe it’s Dragon since he replies to your gothy emo faggot livejournal.


I was looking forward to an appearance from the mystery gang! :realmad:

Somebody call for me?

Oh Blivy you card.

Only if I get to fight Dragon Ninjas!

I miss that elf-obsessed kid :frowning:

Donde esta el Jaxian?

Perhaps he is still playing Guild Wars…

He’s still alive, I see him all the time. He’s spending his time literally counting down the seconds until the XBOX 360 is released.

And I join him.


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