It is KBV’s birthday. Happy birthday, Exalted Fleetlord. May your day be filled with whatever nerdy thing you’ll be doing with that nerdy thing you bought, you nerd.

This may have something to do with a birthday or it may not but here you go anyway.

Note that it makes very little sense but it does include cats.

Enjoy the birthday, and then go to Canada and start drinkin’.

<img border=“1” src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/kbv1.gif”>

<img border=“1” src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/kbv2.gif”>

<img border=“1” src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/kbv3.gif”>

<img border=“1” src=“http://www.romshand.com/pix/kbv4.gif”>

That is the best gift a man could hope for.

Also, omg crossover. The end is near.

Kinda weird seeing seeing Vas’s sprite on an actual background.

Vaska, the God of Pie?

I hail your birthday.

Yes, Happy birthday to the KBV!

This is the best birthday ever!

It is even better than getting my Taylon script made on my birthday.


Roms should draw you some Nightmareeeeesssssssssss for your birthday…since that’s all he does for me.

Sigh…so much hate.

Happy Birthday.

Oh, and if you’re curious as to what a NIGHTMAREEEEESSSSS is, go to http://www.romshand.com/thereisnothohnighmare

That’s sort of a floating NIGHTMARESSSS head. But they’re far creepier in full.

Like this?


Leon the god of spam, and now Vaska the god of pie. Two gods at one forum…

Glories and revels and happy day of birth belatedly then, oh divine one.

What is this mystery url?

I Can No Longer Sleep

Jumps up and down waving arms
Can I be a god to or a goddess I should say? Can I, can I, can I?? Please…

ask mr. owl he’ll know.

I hate Mr. Owl. He pecked my eyes out.

For Christmas I’m gonna cut out my heart and give it to him on a plate. That way he can feast on my body and my sweet eye juice.