Two days. Two daaaaaaayyyyyys

This box is owned by a fellow who is lucky and British.

OSX is evil! its the devil. I’m the computer administrator at my highschool, because the guy they actully pay never shows up. We got 15 new emacs and If it was up to me we would go back to using the 300mhz win98 machines… I hate osx, i hate osx, i hate osx, i hate osx… oh did i mention I HATE OSX!

for x68? :slight_smile:

in an actual post- so what’s the difference between 10.2 and 10.3?

10.3 is supposed to be speedier, which is important since responsiveness took a hit when OS 8/9 was traded in for the flashier OS X. 10.3 might be as fast as 9, they say. Also there’s a slew of features listed here. These include a couple window-management thingagummies, a new optional file browsing layout, and fast user switching (with what would have been a cool effect five years ago, but is now kind of yawn. I hope it can be turned off).

It allows you to tweak Safari so its customizible now?

Not that I’ve heard. But perhaps what you want to do is possible anyway. There’re tools to make Safari Aqua and that, and there’s a terminal command that makes the Debug menu available.

Or you can (if you have strange taste) modify everything else to match Safari, because apparently you’ll be able to make all windows brushed-metal.

Thats nice it almost like windows now huh? Except its more linux instead wierd huh?


Some guy named Ben Stanley.

So in a couple of hours I’m off to Wauwatosa to eat and then celebrate the greatness at 8.

I’ll be back online then, unless I’m able to buy a copy, in which case I’ll be installing and restarting and then I’ll be back.

What are you all talking about?

I’m waiting in line to get in line right now. This is an inprovement from waiting to wait to get in line. I played Warcraft III to pass the time. Hooray for Airport.

Soon, Panther.

I’ve been in the store for almost an hour now. It’s a blast.

No, seriously, I demand explanations.

Tosa contains a mall called Mayfair, where there is an Apple store. I was there for the OS X 10.3 worldwide release blast party extravaganza.

release blast

Anyway, I did not get the Panther, because it will be $80 less on Monday, when I will go to the Department of Information Technology and purchase it.