Turning Streaming audio into replayable files

Does anyone know a program or whatever that can do this, specificly I need a program or some method that I can use to save a couple of hours of streaming audio into any kind of music file (Preferably in mp3 format, but hey, I don’t mind).

  So does anyone know if something like this exists?

Somehow I doubt you can use this, but here is a product that does what you need. Play the stream in a music-playing app as you normally would, click the little record button, and get a Mac, in an order of your choosing.

if you have another computer you can run the speaker to the line in and record on the second computer, or even on the same computer. just be sure to record line in and not play it.

Aha the pirate radio show just said that someone else is doing this and how, hooray!!!

 Thanks for all your help though guys.

Edit Edit:
It’s a program called Advanced MP3/WMA Recorder if anyone is wondering and its got this nifty timer thing so you can set what time to record and stop recording and all sorts of stuff!

Or, you can just record it using any sound recording program available. Just go to your volume properties in windows, go to recording controll, and select “what you hear”. Then just record when the audio is playing and it will capture it. Just make sure you disable any other sounds unless you want AIM/MSN/whatever else sounds in your recording.

Y’know that probably would have been simpler…