Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is probably one of the few American holidays that has survived the test of time and stayed true to it’s roots. That is, take advantage of the native peoples and gouge yourself on roasted bird covered in fat and salt. There’s really not much meaning to corrupt and turn it into commercial whoring (Santa). The only real difference between today’s thanksgiving and the original is that the pilgrims gathered together for a feast out of desparation, while today we get together to be uncomfortable around relatives we would rather avoid for the rest of the year.

And what’s with Canada having this holiday in October? They should be having it in <a href=“http://www.thanksgiving-traditions.com/html/canada.html”>April</a>.

Um, I hope you all had a good one and got to watch the charlie brown special while eating your turkey or whatever, I’m not too sure how the whole thanksgiving thing goes!

Mmmm, turkey.

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